The Space is a movement arts studio that embraces all forms of aerial dance as well as ground movement. At The Space we offer aerial classes including pole, trapeze, rope, and silks. We also offer a wide variety of classes that don't require your feet to leave the ground! These include hoop dance, functional flexibility, breakdancing, yoga, and belly dancing.

The Space was founded and opened in May of 2014. Since then it has grown into an amazing community of movement artists that host shows such as Open Grip and The Black Curtain Revue. The Space is also the home of the first ever Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival which was started in the spring of 2016.


Constance Echo Palmer is the founder of The Space. She is an aerial and fire performer specializing in rope.
Kelley Alexander is a yoga and youth aerial instructor at The Space.
Tara Cary teaches lyra as well as functional flexibility and handstands at The Space.
Charlotte Dillard offers adult and youth hoop dance classes!
Nicolette Emanuelle is a fabric and youth aerial instructor. She also co-produces Black Curtain Revue.
Erin Grundel teaches belly dancing and butt magic at The Space. She is a local burlesque and belly dance performer.
Melissa Recio is a high flying trapeze artist that teaches static and dance trapeze at The Space.
Jordan is an aerialist, contortionist, and stunt woman!
Danny and Aniane are The AcroSmiths! They offer Acroyoga classes and host the weekly Acro Jam on Friday nights.
Kennedy "Misfit" brings his bboy style to the space in Basics of Breakdancing.
McKinley Vitale is the Teen Aerial Dance Company Director.


These are the 2017 rates that will go into effect on 1 February! Grab your discounted packages and memberships at the 2016 rate through the end of the month!

Individual Class

Aerial Classes: $20
Fabric Class
Trapeze Class
Lyra Class
Rope Class
Pole Class

Ground Classes: $15
Flexibility Class
Dance Class
Hoop Dance Class
Yoga or Acro Yoga Class

Acro Jam $5
- FREE with Acro Class


10 Aerial Classes
+ 1 Month Open Studio
*expires after 6 months

5 Aerial Classes
+ 1 Ground Class
*expires after 3 months

10 Ground Classes
Dance, Yoga, Hoop, Flex
*expires after 6 months


Mini Membership:
4 Aerial Classes
4 Ground Classes
1 Month Unlimited Open Studio

Mega Membership:
6 Aerial Classes
8 Ground Classes
1 Month Unlimited Open Studio

Memberships are good for 1 month.

Open Studio

Day Pass $18
Unlimited Month $65
6 Month Contract $55/month
Late Night Hour $15


Classes must be cancelled outside of 24 hours in order to receive a refund.

There are no refunds on Workshops that have limited slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are offered at THE SPACE?

At THE SPACE we offer aerial and ground based classes.  Aerial classes include fabric, trapeze, lyra, pole, rope, and straps.  Ground based classes include hoop dance, breakdancing, bellydancing, ballet, yoga, acro yoga, and flexibility classes.

What are Aerial Arts?

 Aerial Arts are a form of acrobatic movement or dance performed in the air on apparatus such as trapeze, pole, lyra, fabric (aka silks or tissu), straps, and corde lisse (aka rope).

I have never taken an aerial class, where do I start?

The first course you will need to take is Intro to Aerial Arts.  We offer this class numerous days and times throughout the week.  Intro to Aerial Arts at THE SPACE is designed to acquaint new students with the facility, equipment, and apparatus.  Students will learn about the different types of apparatus as well as safety protocols.  The goal of an Intro class is to ensure students can safely and confidently mount and dismount the three apparatus introduced in this class: fabric, trapeze, and lyra.

Is there an age requirement to come to class?

At THE SPACE we offer adult as well as youth classes.  Our adult classes are 18 and up.  Students 16 and up are permitted to join adult classes with specific instructor approval and permission from the parent or guardian that must co-sign the waiver.  Youth classes start at age 4.  They meet weekly outside holidays for the whole season which runs August - May.  For more information on specific adult or youth classes please visit the CLASSES section.

How are the classes and sessions structured?

 We offer drop in classes, series classes, and workshops at THE SPACE.  Unless otherwise specified all adult classes are drop in so you can sign up online to secure your slot or you can walk in to a class.  Series classes are topical such as advanced skills or act development.  Workshops are offered by in house as well as traveling instructors and performers when available.  If you are looking for more individualized or specialized training we also offer private lessons in aerial arts as well as ground based classes.  To schedule a private please email us at info@TheSpaceATL.com.

How do I register for classes? 

Although all classes not in a series or a workshop are drop in, we recommend that you sign up in advance to secure your slot as they are limited for all of our classes to ensure safety and individual attention in class.  To secure a slot, click on the schedule tab and register for class through the MindBody system.  You may also sign up and pay for a class in person at THE SPACE. 

What should I wear to class or practice?

Fabric - Trapeze - Lyra - Straps - Rope

Fitted dance or exercise clothing such as leggings, tights, leotards, and stretchy shirts.  It is important to cover the backs of your knees to prevent friction burns from the apparatus.  Baggie clothing such as sweatpants and over sized shirts are discouraged as they easily become tangled in the equipment.  Jewelry and any clothing with studding or zippers is not permitted as it will tear the silks.  Hair must be tied up and out of your way to practice aerial arts.


Fitted shorts and a dance or exercise top.  You will not want your legs covered below mid-thigh.  We recommend you do not wear lotion on the day of a class or training session.  Please do not use grip aids on your hands or body without discussing it with the instructor first.


Comfortable pants that extend below the knee, tennis shoes, a jacket (without buttons or heavy accessories), and a hat or beanie.

Butt Magic

Shorts or yoga pants that are not very restrictive.  Please bring knee pads if you have them, however we have some you can borrow.

What is open studio?

Open Studio at THE SPACE is offered 7 days per week outside holidays.  This is a time for students to come and practice the skills they have learned in class, workshops, or private lessons.  Open Studio is supervised, meaning an instructor is present to answer questions, spot, and give tips.  However, no new material will be taught as this is not a class.  Students may practice the skills they have learned, however they may not teach other students or attempt to learn new skills from video.  We welcome experimentation as a valuable part of the learning process so if you would like to experiment with a new move or transition, you must discuss it with the instructor on duty first.  The instructor will use their discretion to decide if you are able to experiment with the move at this time or if it should be brought to a classroom setting.

Is practicing aerial arts safe?

All of the aerial equipment at THE SPACE is of the highest quality and regularly checked for integrity.  We practice with both high impact mats and crash pads at all times.  Our staff has participated in safety and spotting training and employ safe techniques with their instruction.  Students are brought through skills progressions at an appropriate pace to ensure safety.  Students are never permitted to work above their level.  Although we take all of the proper steps to mitigate risks, it is important to remember that aerial arts, like any sport or athletic activity has risks.  The most common risk of injury is from friction burns, bruises, or strained muscles.  Falling from a moderate to extreme height can result in concussion, broken bones, paralysis, or death.  Thus it is important to always practice proper safety precautions, maintain a healthy respect for aerial work, and listen to your instructor.


  • This is a judgment free zone.  Be free to create and express, and allow others to do so without malice critique.
  • Be safe.  Never work in the air alone.  Always warm up before getting on any equipment.  Only work on skills and apparatus you have been formally trained on.
  • Please never video an instructor or another student without their explicit consent.
  • Always practice over a mat.  Use a crash mat when working on a new drop or rotation, a new skill, or above head height.
  • Wash your hands before and after getting on any apparatus or using any equipment.  Always wear clean, appropriate attire for your art.  Remove your shoes and jewelry and tie long hair back before working in the air.
  • Immediately follow any instruction given to you by The Space staff, it is for your safety.  Never hesitate to ask the instructor for a spot or help during class or Open Studio.  When working on a new-to-you drop or rotation, please ask the instructor to watch you wrap.
  • Do not teach other students or attempt to learn from video during Open Studio - we encourage requests in class.  If you would like to create a new move or transition, discuss your experimentation with an instructor to ensure your safety.
  • If you are sick, do not come to The Space until you are well and no longer contagious.  No exceptions.
  • No food or drinks other than water in the studios, this includes gum.  Please always clean up after yourselves.
  • Never come to class or practice while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs as they can impair judgment, reflexes, and fine motor skills.
  • Be respectful of others and share our space.