Studio Rentals

THE SPACE offers hourly studio rental for individual or small group rehearsals.  We have 3 unique and specialized studios: an aerial studio, a dance studio, and a yoga studio.  Please request rates via email.


Aerial Studio

The Aerial Studio is over 2000 sq. ft. with rigging at 23 feet.  We have fabrics, slings, static and dance trapeze, lyras, and ropes rigged at all times as well as 3 dance poles.  The entire space underneath rigging is covered by latex free eco sport matts.  We also have numerous 8 inch landing mats to be used whenever you are working on the aerial equipment.  Aside from state of the art apparatus and safety equipment that is maintained to the highest standards of maintenance, care, and cleanliness, THE SPACE provides a variety of therabands, exercise balls, weighted balls, yoga blocks and straps, foam rollers, grip aids, etc. for you to use in your practice.  The Aerial Studio also has cubbies for you to store your shoes and bags, a small refrigerator to keep your drinks and snacks cool, and a stereo that is open to anyone playing music on during practice via CD, ipod, USB, radio, or other device via AUX cable.

Dance Studio

The Dance Studio is 600 sq ft with sprung floors, barres, and mirrors on 3 sides.  This studio has 12 foot ceilings so it is ideal for any form of dance including partnering as well as flow arts such as hooping and juggling.  The studio is enclosed so it is ideal for private rehearsals as well as classes and practice.  There is a stereo provided for you to play music via CD, radio, ipod, USB, or other device via AUX cable.


Aerial Studio
Dance Studio


We offer a variety of parties for teens and adults for any occasion.  These private group sessions include aerial arts, hoop dance, juggling, belly dancing, and more!  Whether you are having a birthday party, celebrating a graduation, getting married, or just want a good reason for you and your friends to get out and do something fun, THE SPACE has something for you!

Private Intro to Aerial Arts Party

Duration: 75 minutes | $300 (up to 10 students) | $500 (up to 15 students)

THE SPACE's private Intro to Aerial Arts Parties are a great way for you and your friends to get adventurous and try something completely new!  This is excellent for the fitness enthusiast!  This party is a 75 minute session in which you will learn the fundamental skills of an Introductory Aerial Arts class.  You will begin the session with a group warm up and an introduction to all of the equipment we have up at THE SPACE.  Then you will rotate between the three apparatus you will get to fly on during your party: silks, trapeze, and lyra.  You will learn how to get up onto each piece of equipment as well as learn some beautiful fundamental poses on each.  At the end of class you will be able to take photos of your favorite poses with your friends before cooling down and stretching as a group.

Hoop Dance Party

Duration: 90 minutes | $250 (10 student max)

Come get dancey in this Hoop Dance Party option for adults!  There is so much more to the world of hooping than you could ever imagine!  This hour and a half long party starts off with a customized performance by the instructor, followed by an instructional portion in which you will learn some fundamental hoop dance moves to sequence together.  Practice hoops are provided, so don't worry if you don't have your own yet!  The last 20 minutes of the Hoop Dance Party is an open flow or play time for you to work on your skills and show them off to each other!  If you love this party, we offer weekly hoop dance classes at THE SPACE!

Belly Dance Parties

We offer belly dance and burlesque style parties for birthdays, bachelorette parties, graduations, or just a fun time out with friends!  There are a variety of options to choose from:

Show, Lesson, and Prop Photo Opp (Belly Dance or Burlesque)

Duration: 90 minutes | $375 (15 student max)

The instructor will provide a 15 minute performance in full costume followed by a 30 minute lesson with time for dancing and photos after.  Students will get to experience wielding multiple props for photos including: swords, veils, fan veils, feather boas, feather fans, and wings.  

 Show + Lesson (Belly Dance or Burlesque)

Duration: 60 minutes | $300 (15 student max)

This option starts with a 15 minute performance by the instructor in full costume followed by a 30 minute lesson, with time for dancing and photos after.

Group Lesson (Belly Dance, Burlesque, or Butt Magic)

Duration: 60 minutes | $150 (15 student max)

This is 1 hour sessions that starts with 45 minutes of instruction followed by dancing around to show off your new moves.  Comes with a complimentary bottle of wine.

*Gift hip scarves can be added to any of these packages for $15 each!

Youth Parties

 Whether your child is new to circus arts or already taking class at THE SPACE, we can tailor a kids party just for you.  We offer a few different options but you can also bundle them in a combo party or in an ultimate party.  To set up a party please email  If your kids would like cake and decorations you will need to arrange to bring them to The Space before the party.

Youth Aerial Party

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes | $300 - $350 (10 student max)

For our youth aerial parties we have two different options.  If your kids have never participated in aerial arts we can do an Intro to Aerial party which is a 75 minute party in which they will learn fundamental skills and beautiful poses on silks, trapeze, and lyra.  This session is $300 with a max of 10 students.

We also offer a 90 minute option that is ideal for kids already practicing aerial arts or super enthusiastic beginners!  In this session there is a group warm up followed by a 1 hour instructional session in which kids will learn how to mount each of the apparatus used in this option (silks, trapeze, and lyra) as well as learn some fundamental and beautiful poses.  We will follow this with a show and tell for parents and a photo opp before allotting time for gifts and cake!

Youth Hoop or Juggling Party

Duration: 90 minutes | $300 (10 student max)

Hoop dance or juggling are among the favorite prop manipulation disciplines for kids and teens!  These party options start with a 10 minute performance followed by 30 minutes of instruction in hooping or juggling.  We will then allot time for open play and showing each other what we have learned before its time for cake and gifts.

Youth Combo Party

Duration: 90 minutes | $400 (10 student max)

If your child simply cannot decided you can also put together a combo party.  Choose any of the two party types we offer and put them together.  This class will be split into a 30 minute instructions section of each skill you chose followed by 20 minutes for cake and gifts!

The Company

Aside from offering lessons in circus arts including acrobatics, juggling, hoop dance, aerial artistry, belly dancing, break dancing and contortion, the staff at THE SPACE is a wonderful coalition of movement artists that can spice up your next event big or small!  Please check out our news section for upcoming shows and performances where you may see The Company around town or email us with any inquriries:

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Fire Breathing
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