Flow Arts

Flow Arts is a broad category of movement art surrounding prop manipulation accompanied by dance, ground movement, and sometimes acrobatics.  At THE SPACE we offer weekly Hoop Dance classes which are a type of Flow Art.  We also periodically offer workshops in other Flow Arts including fan dance, staff manipulation, and juggling.  More info on Flow Arts!

Hoop Dance : Body Rocking Hoops

In this mixed level hoop series we will explore different layers of core and on-body hooping.  We will conquer all of the challenges of knee, waist, and shoulder hooping to create comfortable "bases" on different planes of our body.  By building these key muscle memories we can then focus on adding multiple hoops into the mix!  "I'm beyond excited to share my favorite circus style multi-hoop techniques, and can't wait to body-rock with you all!" - Charlotte

Hoop Dance : Twin Tech

Let's all have fun and focus on some twin hooping techniques in this mixed level series at THE SPACE!  This class will cover all of the key timings, directions, and plane changes needed to open up your double hoop flow.  By understanding these key theories, we can create unique, smooth like butter doubles and maybe even get creative with some smancy hoop hybrids ;)


Charlotte Dillard is an Atlanta born and raised visual and performance artist.  Over the last few years she has made her mark in the community participating and performing with a local Atlanta circus, The Imperial OPA, and teaching elementary age visual art classes such as ceramics and printmaking at Atlanta's very own Redwall Studio.  She hopes to take her enthusiasm for teaching and performing to share the love she has for visual arts and object manipulation with the world.

More info about Charlotte Dillard Art!

Charlotte Dillard - Hoop Dance Instructor