Open Studio

The Space provides Open Studio time 7 days per week.  Open Studio is a set of designated hours during which students can come to The Space to practice skills they have learned in class, workshops, or private lessons.  You can purchase day passes or month passes, however Open Studio is also included in our memberships and some packages.  Open Studio is supervised, meaning an instructor is present to answer questions, spot, and give tips.  However, no new material will be taught as this is not a class.  Students may practice the skills they have learned, however they may not teach other students or attempt to learn new skills from video.  We welcome experimentation as a valuable part of the learning process so if you would like to experiment with a new move or transition, you must discuss it with the instructor on duty first.  The instructor will use their discretion to decide if you are able to experiment with the move at this time or if it should be brought to a classroom setting.


The Facilities

THE SPACE has 3 unique and specialized studios, the main warehouse space in which open practice is held is the Aerial Studio.  The Aerial Studio is over 2000 sq. ft. with rigging at 23 feet.  We have fabrics, slings, static and dance trapeze, lyras, and ropes rigged at all times as well as 3 dance poles.  The entire space underneath rigging is covered by latex free eco sport matts.  We also have numerous 8 inch landing mats to be used whenever you are working on the aerial equipment.  Aside from state of the art apparatus and safety equipment that is maintained to the highest standards of maintenance, care, and cleanliness, THE SPACE provides a variety of therabands, exercise balls, weighted balls, yoga blocks and straps, foam rollers, grip aids, etc. for you to use in your practice.  The Aerial Studio also has cubbies for you to store your shoes and bags, a small refrigerator to keep your drinks and snacks cool, and a stereo that is open to anyone playing music on during practice via CD, ipod, USB, radio, or other device via AUX cable.

The Dance Studio is 600 sq ft with sprung floors, barres, and mirrors on 3 sides.  This studio has 12 foot ceilings so it is ideal for any form of dance including partnering as well as flow arts such as hooping and juggling.  The studio is enclosed so it is ideal for private rehearsals as well as classes and practice.  There is a stereo provided for you to play music via CD, radio, ipod, USB, or other device via AUX cable.

The Yoga Studio is small and intimate at 350 sq. ft.  It had lovely dim lighting and cubbies with mat cleaner, yoga blocks, yoga straps, and app mats provided.  As with every studio at THE SPACE, a stereo is provided for you to play music via CD, radio, ipod, USB, or other device via AUX cable.