Functional Flexibility

Functional Flexibility is a basic all levels stretching and ground skills class.  The bulk of this class is spent getting a comprehensive full-body stretch, followed by a focus on a narrower subject.  Focuses include: splits, back-bends, handstands, basic tumbling, and balances.  In this class we will build strength and flexibility to perform the skills that seem just out of reach!  Beginner to advanced students welcome!

Tara Cary has always had a passion for movement.  She has a strong background in competitive gymnastics and cheer-leading with experience teaching both.  Her desire for creativity and athleticism brought her to circus arts where she specializes in contortion, hand balancing, and lyra (aerial hoop or cerceaux).  Tara is a student above all and thrives in learning environments.  She truly enjoys sharing knowledge and assisting others to become their very best!

Aside from Functional Flexibility which meets at THE SPACE twice a week, Tara offers workshops and private lessons in contortion, hand-balancing, and fundamental tumbling and acrobatics.  To schedule a private lesson email

Tara Cary - Flexibility and Handstand Coach