Basics of Breakin' (Breakdancing)

"Break!"  Here, students will learn to effectively move and dance with only the floor as their apparatus.  Together, we will be working on establishing a firm understanding of the foundational movements behind breaking - an urban dance art form developed by the youth from New York City.  In this class we will cover Toprock, Footwork, Freeze, and Power basics.  If you don't know what any of those terms mean, we'll teach you the terminology and history too!  All students are welcome!

It is recommended to wear comfortable pants that extend below the knee, tennis shoes, a jacket (without buttons or heavy accessories) and a hat or beanie.


Vincent "Walle" Brown - Breakdancing Instructor
Erin Grundel - Belly Dance Instructor

Belly Dance for Beginners

This course teaches the foundation in Middle Eastern dance.  Students will be introduced to technique, combinations, and drilling exercises as well as rich history and culture as they explore the music and beauty of this enriching art form.  Belly dance is low impact but challenging for both the body and the brain - and a whole lotta fun!

Butt Magic (Twerk/Booty Dance)

Ah, the booty!  The biggest muscle in the human body and super fun to dance with!  This class shows students how to incorporate their glutes, quads, and to be honest entire body for shimmies, amis, twerking, grinding, and all manner of jiggling and wiggling foolishness!

Appropriate for students of any gender, dance style, and fitness level.