Thursday 23 March 2017

 In December of 2016 THE SPACE presented the first ever Black Curtain Revue, a true variety show. The purpose of this event is to introduce exceptional local and touring talent to Atlanta and the Southeast Region.


Photos By: Jolie Simmons

Black Curtain Revue is carefully curated to ensure diversity among the featured acts.  The inaugural Revue featured performers from a variety of communities including circus, side-show, burlesque/dance, aerial, acting and even classical music!  This vibrant mix of top talent is presented in an intimate setting, assuring that you and your friends will get the most out of this unique event.

Organized and hosted by Constance Echo Palmer and Nicolette Emmanuelle, Black Curtain Revue is held periodically at The Space, an innovative movement arts studio easily accessible from anywhere in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

- Michael Cuccaro


Thursday 2 February 2017

As many of you know Shannon is leaving for a national tour in May, but while she is here, she will be offering a Monday evening adult ballet class called Everyday Ballet.


Prerequisites: Students must be 16+ years old or instructor approved if younger. Participants should come in active fitted clothing and must have dance footwear. No bare feet.

"It's time to finally demystify ballet! This class is for all level students to learn or further practice classical ballet technique. Participants will gain strength and flexibility in every move and explore the manner in which the body is held. We will study basic footwork combined with precise body lines and angles to help lengthen your look. If you are a hooper or aerialist looking to lighten your flow, this is great place to start!"


Tuesday 31 January 2017

Open Grip ATL IX will be held on Saturday April 15th.

Open Grip is a quarterly performance opportunity for all levels of artist open to all forms of movement art. The only stipulation is that each piece that is shown is a first draft, meaning it has never been performed before.

Open Grip was started by Paper Doll Militia Co-Founder Sarah Bebe Holmes in Edinburgh, Scotland and brought to the US by THE SPACE.

The production will consist of 8 pieces, no longer than 5 minutes each. In between each piece there will be a 2 minute interlude in which the audience is provided with comment cards in order to give the artist feedback.

We will select the 8 pieces from the submissions to make a rounded show - an equal spread of skill level and movement channel. But don't worry, no one will be turned away. If your act does not fit for this installment, you will be given first pick for the next Open Grip Atlanta.

If you would like to submit a piece, please complete the submission form by March 18th at midnight.

Submission Form!

*This production is made possible by the combined efforts of The Space and the 8 performers. Each performer will be assigned a simple task to help with production and learn about the different aspects of producing a show.

Tuesday 10 January 2017

The Space is looking for an aerial fabric/silks teacher for our adult program (ages 16 and up) comfortable teaching skills beginner through intermediate levels. THE SPACE is just about 3 years old and growing! We have a lot going on all the time and are very active in the greater circus community of Atlanta. We teach classes of all kinds of movement, host traveling workshops and master classes, produce shows, and held the Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival.

We are looking for a particular personality type that will connect with students, welcomes new ideas no matter where they come from, strives to continue learning, and will challenge students creatively as well as teach skills with a high standard for technique. We work as a pretty tightly knit unit, supporting each others classes and creative works.

I'm looking for someone that can handle around 7 classes per week to start, open to subbing more, and also willing to supervise open studio.

If you also teach kids and teens this is a huge plus, as we will need a youth instructor as well but not until the fall of 2017.  

Please check out the website to get to know the space a bit better and if you're interested email a resume and demo reel (if you have it) to

Thursday 5 January 2017

~~~ Show Info ~~~
Saturday 28 January 2017
Doors 7:30 pm
Show 8:00 pm

~~~Ticket Info ~~~
General Admission $5 (online)
General Admission $8 (at the door)
Well behaved children under 10 years old are FREE

Its that time again! This is our SECOND Re-Grip and we are so excited to showcase some lovely artists for you!
Re-Grip is a night of performances for all levels and movement types, both in the air and on the ground. The performers you see at Re-Grip have performed this act once before at an Open Grip. 10 of the previous Open Grip performers are invited to remaster their acts taking into consideration the audience feedback from their initial performances as well as their personal growth as an artist!

Open Grip is a showing of 8 debut pieces of aerial artistry or ground work by performers of all levels. In this unique production we invite the audience to be a part of the process by providing critique. Open Grip is held at THE SPACE quarterly so stay tuned for our next installment in the spring!

Open Grip was started by Paper Doll Militia Co-Founder Sarah Bebe Holmes in Edinburgh, Scotland who has allowed THE SPACE to bring Open Grip to the U.S. right here in Atlanta!

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Thursday 5 January 2017

“Look Ma No Hands”

Rope & Harness Workshop
with Cherie Carson, Artistic Director of UpSwing Aerial Dance Company
Sunday 23 January | 4:30-6:30 pm | $65

“Look Ma No Hands” is an aerial rope & harness workshop in which upper body strength is not required. Develop core strength the fun way as you learn to flip, swing and circle while dancing in the air. Class will cover basics of equipment safety, warm up and skills. Please bring your own harness if you have one. Imagine different floating movements, twirls, swings in every plane of motion the possibilities are endless. Aerial and Harness dancing is based on harnessing energy when the rope is moved away from the plumb line. The body accesses energy through circular or pendulum forces, balances and your imagination. If you have a rock climbing style harness please bring it with you however we will have some extras for you to borrow if you do not.

*No Refunds as slots are limited*

Facebook Event | Registration | Read More on UpSwing

Thursday 5 January 2017

Are you looking for more specialized and personalized training?  Is your schedule all over the place and you can't make it to the regularly scheduled classes you dream to attend?  No worries, because we offer private and small group (semi-private) lessons on all of our aerial subjects as well as ground classes at THE SPACE.

Aerial Private Lessons: trapeze, fabric (aka silks), lyra (aka aerial hoop), corde lisse (aka rope), aerial improv, aerial choreography, creative movement in air.

Group Private Lessons: ballet, break dancing, hoop dance, belly dancing, flexibility, contortion, partner acrobatics, handstands, fundamentals of tumbling.

The rates for private lessons are set by each individual instructor, however they range from $50-$95 per hour for single student privates and $24-$45 per hour for semi-private lessons.  We can schedule private lessons during open practice hours or before and after hours.  To schedule a private lesson please email

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Welcome to THE SPACE!  We are so happy you found us!  We welcome new students of all levels and movement types! 

Never taken an Aerial Arts class?  Fear Not! 

Don't worry if you've never taken an aerial class before, we offer Intro to Aerial Arts for brand new students!  Intro to Aerial Arts at THE SPACE is designed to acquaint new students with the facility, equipment, and apparatus.  Students will learn about the different types of apparatus as well as safety protocols.  The goal of an Intro class is to ensure students can safely and confidently mount and dismount the three apparatus introduced in this class: fabric, trapeze, and lyra.  Rope and Straps are more advanced apparatus and have more specific pre-requisites.  Pole has its own Intro to Pole class.

Your first class at THE SPACE will begin with a group led warm up.  You will then work on fabric, trapeze, and lyra learning how to mount the apparatus as well as learn some fundamental poses and simple inversions.  Your instructor will also lead you through some conditioning exercises and stretches that you can work on at home or during Open Studio.

Once you have successfully completed an Intro to Aerial Arts class at THE SPACE you will be able to attend Beginner Fabric I, Beginner Trapeze, or Beginner Lyra classes.  Rope and Straps classes are a bit more advanced and thus have individual pre-requisites that you will be able to meet by attending other aerial classes or taking private lessons.  For all pre-requisites please read about the specific apparatus below.  Additionally, once you have completed Intro to Aerial, you will be able to attend Open Studio at THE SPACE in order to practice the skills you have learned in class.  

At THE SPACE we offer a wide variety of aerial arts classes, workshops, and private lessons for more specialized training.  We offer fabric, trapeze, lyra, rope, pole, and sling classes.  The aim of our curriculum is to be a balance of skill based and creative curriculum.  Each class begins with a group warm up, followed by some review of previously learned skills.  The bulk of a class will be either working on new skills, refining technique, or using learned skills to develop sequences and work on creative exercises.  

What should I wear to class or practice?

Fabric - Trapeze - Lyra - Straps - Rope

Fitted dance or exercise clothing such as leggings, tights, leotards, and stretchy shirts.  It is important to cover the backs of your knees to prevent friction burns from the apparatus.  Baggie clothing such as sweatpants and over sized shirts are discouraged as they easily become tangled in the equipment.  Jewelry and any clothing with studding or zippers is not permitted as it will tear the silks.  Hair must be tied up and out of your way to practice aerial arts.


Fitted shorts and a dance or exercise top.  You will not want your legs covered below mid-thigh.  We recommend you do not wear lotion on the day of a class or training session.  Please do not use grip aids on your hands or body without discussing it with the instructor first.


Comfortable pants that extend below the knee, tennis shoes, and a hat or beanie without buttons or heavy accessories.

Butt Magic

Shorts or yoga pants that are not very restrictive.  Please bring knee pads if you have them, however we have some you can borrow.

Already practicing Aerial Arts?

We welcome students to drop into our aerial arts classes but first you must receive instructor permission, especially if you are not sure if you meet the pre-requisites.  To set up a time during our open practice hours to demo your skills to an instructor please email  For more information about the classes offer and what the pre-requisites are please check out our CLASSES section!

Looking for a SPACE to train?

THE SPACE provides Open Studio time 7 days per week.  Open Studio is a set of designated hours during which students can come to The Space to practice skills they have learned in class, workshops, or private lessons.  You can purchase day passes or month passes, however Open Studio is also included in our memberships and some packages.  Open Studio is supervised, meaning an instructor is present to answer questions, spot, and give tips.  However, no new material will be taught as this is not a class.  Students may practice the skills they have learned, however they may not teach other students or attempt to learn new skills from video.  We welcome experimentation as a valuable part of the learning process so if you would like to experiment with a new move or transition, you must discuss it with the instructor on duty first.  The instructor will use their discretion to decide if you are able to experiment with the move at this time or if it should be brought to a classroom setting.


All of our classes outside of workshops and series are drop ins so you can pay when you get to the space.  As slots are limited, we do however recommend signing up online in advance to secure your slot.  We use mindbody so you can register through the app or simply click Schedule!

ooking for something else?  Check out our FAQ section or shoot us an email with any inquiries:

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Hello World!

Check out our brand new THE SPACE website.  We hope you love it!